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Woman charged with assaulting step grandmother

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RANDLEMAN, N.C. --  An Asheboro woman and her two friends are awaiting trial after being charged with beating and robbing her step-grandmother.

Everyday is a new struggle for 67-year-old Maria Auman, who was just released from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center after being severely beaten during a home invasion in August.

"I know it was meant for me to die, but God wanted me to live," said Auman.

Randolph County Sheriff's deputies charged Auman's step-granddaugter Amanda Prytle Swaney, and her friends Shaina Perdue and Jamey Ashley with assaulting and robbing her.

The step-grandmother says the group knocked on her door and demanded money. That's when she went to her kitchen where she had money and then handed the group $280.

Auman said the money wasn't enough and that's when one of the suspects began beating her.

After the beating, she was able to get up and walked over to her neighbor's home, said Auman.

According to her son-in-law Terry Prytle, that's what saved her life.

"Had she not woke up, and made it to the neighbor when she did, she would have probably died before the night was over," said Prytle.

Auman spent five days in the Intensive Care Unit where doctors repaired several broken bones in her face.

Meanwhile, her step-granddaughter and friends were caught the following week after Jamey Ashley was accused of shooting Detective Jonathan Chriscoe and Deputy Edward Slafky during a traffic stop by Randolph County Sheriff's Department.

Prytle said Amanda had been distant from the family since July, and feels it's just horrendous she would do this type of crime to her own family.

"She always brought in some unsavory characters," said Prytle.

In the meantime, Auman is still awaiting surgery to her nose to fix breathing problems.

The step-granddaughter and her two friends are awaiting trial, which should start in the coming months.