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Two attacked, one shot outside Bull Hole in Cooleemee

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COOLEEMEE, N.C. — Police say two men were attacked and the suspect was shot twice after an altercation outside the Bull Hole on the Rowan and Davie County line.

Mayor Lynn Rumley’s husband, Jim, and another park worker, Jimmy Decess, were locking up the gate at the RiverPark, also known as the Bull Hole, off Erwin Temple Road Monday night.

Cooleemee Police Chief Bobby West says a fight between 6-8 people broke out just up the road outside a nearby mobile home. That’s when Jared James Frasier allegedly came down the road toward Decess and Rumley, threatening to kill them.

Chief West says Frasier attacked Decess, kicking him in the chest, and then went at Rumley, who was scrambling to get inside his van.

“Mr. Rumley was getting into the van when Frasier came through the window with his fist and knocked him in the face, knocked two teeth out,” explained Chief West.

According to the report, Rumley then managed to grab a .38-caliber pistol from inside the van and fire a warning shot into the air.

Rumley apparently then fired a second shot at the ground, striking Frasier in the ankle. When Frasier continued to threaten Rumley and come toward him again, Rumley says he fired a third shot into Frasier’s leg.

Rowan County is investigating the shooting with the assistance of the Cooleemee Police Department. Chief West says right now, the shooting is being considered self-defense.

Jared James Frasier was treated for his gunshot wounds at the hospital. He is charged with felony assault, misdemeanor assault, and two counts of misdemeanor communicating threats.

Earlier on Labor Day, Highway Patrol issued a bulletin for law enforcement to look out for a car suspected of involvement in a drunk driving incident. Chief West says that car was located at the scene of the Bull Hole shooting. Officers are not yet sure whether Frasier was the person driving the vehicle earlier in the day.

Chief West says they suspect alcohol was a factor in Frasier’s allegedly irate behavior, but they have not received toxicology reports from the hospital yet.

“This is completely unexpected. Crime in Cooleemee has decreased an average of 35% every year for four years. Some weeks we don’t file a single serious crime report. We just won’t tolerate this sort of violence,” added Chief West.

Mayor Lynn Rumley tells says her 70-year-old husband is recovering and doing “as well as can be expected” after the attack. Chief West says Decess is doing okay, too.