Protesters rally on eve of DNC

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Protesters and the President's supporters continued voicing their concerns over the state of the economy, war and government just blocks away from the Democratic National Convention on Monday afternoon.

On one side of Uptown's Marshall Park were children of local Democratic Party members, dancing to Beyonce's signature song to support the First Lady's "Let's Move" campaign. They chanted "four more years."

"As long as it's peaceful, it's fine," said Corey Miller, who brought his four children to the park filled with campers who plan to stay in Charlotte for the rest of the week.

Across the lawn were members of Anarchist D.C., protesting both political parties, and corporate America. They stood right beside another group singing songs of peace and love, asking the crowd of about 200 to "agree to disagree."

At the same time, a group from Occupy Wall Street landed in the middle of the crowd.  Organizer Aaron Bakek said their single bus made the trek from Tampa to Charlotte over the weekend, in an effort to reach out to delegates over the housing market, student loan debt and several other issues.

"This movement for systematic change doesn't have to be called "Occupy," Bakek said, noting the different groups who turned out in the park.  "I'm just here to exercise my free speech and First Amendment rights and peacefully assemble, talk about the issues."

The protests have remained peaceful over the past several days, with plenty of security on standby, but little action.