Future unknown for Grimsley High School’s pool

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Grimsley High School's pool was shut down last December after an inspector found huge cracks along a wall and a damaged roof.  Now it's up to the city council to decide if the pool should be rebuilt or be torn down.

For nearly $5,000,000 the facility could be rebuilt, but if it was or torn down it would cost about $400,000. 

Greensboro Swimming Association President Don Gilchrist says without the Grimsley pool, high school teams and the public will have to battle for space. The program would have to use other venues like the Greensboro Aquatic Center.

"We get pushed out of the Greensboro Aquatic Center during major events. You can't run year around programs ... because you have 25 weekends when you can't use it," said Gichrist.

Guilford County Schools hope high school teams and the city can work together to accommodate swim meet and practice times.

Options for the facility will be discussed during the next city council meeting on Tuesday.