Thomasville city officials want Plant B gone

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- The days of Thomasville Furniture Industries are over in Thomasville, but what the company has left behind is still causing some debate.

Plant B is a building on Fisher Ferry Road that was once owned and used by Thomasville Furniture Industries (TFI). In recent years, some people say it's become a breeding ground for trouble and an eyesore to the community.

The problem is Thomasville city leaders say a representative with Schwarz Properties in Asheboro agreed to tear Plant B down by the end of August, however, that hasn't happened yet.

Thomasville Mayor Joe Bennett says something has to be done.

"I mean just look at it. The windows are broken, the plumbing and electrical fixtures are gone. This is just bad, “said Bennett.

Jeff Schwarz who is now the owner of Plant B bought it back in May, after the building was foreclosed on.

Schwarz says that he's been in and out of the hospital and does not know who told the city Plant B would be demolished by the end of August.

Schwarz did not give a date on the future of Plant B.

Bennett says since the building is still around, the city may have to demolish it themselves. The price tag for demolition will be around $400,000 and come from the city's reserve fund balance. However, the demolition could take all the money from the reserve funds and the city would have to recoup the loss.

Thomasville council members will discuss the building's future during a meeting in September.