75-year-old Thomasville man fights off purse-snatcher

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. --  A 75-year-old man and his wife are resting comfortably at home after being injured during an attempted purse-snatching on Wednesday.

At about 2:30 p.m., Billy Younts' wife, Virginia, was walking out of the Bank of North Carolina, at 831 Julian Ave, when a man approached her and tried to grab her purse.

Virginia said, "the man said, 'I'm gonna take your pocket book'... and I was thinking, no you aren't."

Watching from the passenger's seat of the couples SUV with their 6-year-old grandson, Billy saw the man attacking his wife.

"There wasn't but one thing to do -- and that was to go and put and end to it," said Billy.

Billy jumped out of the SUV and the man saw him coming. The suspect let go of the purse, began running and got into his car.

Billy tried to drag the man out of the car and hold the suspect until police could arrive. However, with his car door still open, the suspect shifted the vehicle into reverse and knocked Billy to the ground, fleeing the scene.

"Then the car door hit Virginia and drugged her on the asphalt," said Billy.

Virginia suffered a bruise to her face and body. Billy suffered a cut to the back of his head -- requiring five stitches.

Despite their injuries the married couple of 53 years were glad the suspect didn't get away with the purse.

"I would like to pray from him -- that he may get his life turned around," said Billy.

Thomasville police are searching for the suspect and the vehicle. The car is described as a white Volvo with a temporary license plate.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lt. M.P. Howard at (336) 475-4284.