High tech ambulance hits Piedmont streets

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Cone Health has a new technically-advanced ambulance to take patients to and from local and regional hospitals. 

Officials said the $400,000 ambulance is the only one in North Carolina to have airbags in the patient section that can protect the passengers during a roll over crash. 

Authorities said the ambulance also has germ-killing ultraviolet light in the heating and air system and its surfaces are covered with bacteria fighting ions. 

Emergency medical technician Terry Register said he is thrilled the ambulance has a power lift stretcher. It is reportedly the first in the country to have one.

"This not only lifts the patient but the equipment is very heavy and the sicker you are the more equipment you have to have and the heavier it gets," Register said.

He said since EMTs will do less lifting, they don't have to worry about injuries or fatigue while they are providing critical care.

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