Engineers working on new drainage plan for downtown High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- City workers re-examined drainage systems after slow-moving thunderstorms with heavy rain swallowed a car in downtown High Point Friday evening. 

On Monday, the city's stormwater team checked every drain and opened manhole covers in search of anything that could stop runoff. 

Crews didn't find anything blockages, but instead found the drains near the intersection of Ray Avenue and Elm Street were overwhelmed by too much rain in a very short time, according to Stormwater Superintendent Derrick Boone.  

"It's a large drainage area," Boone said.  "A good portion of downtown drains through here and a lot of the system was put in a long time ago and they can't handle the amount of runoff coming through here."

Engineers are drawing up a new drainage plan for the Elm Street area.  A decision on a final plan will be made at a later date.