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Greensboro Transit Authority could cut some services

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A final set of public meetings will be held today to discuss cutting back the Greensboro bus schedule.

The Greensboro Transit Authority wants to stop running the weekday routes one hour earlier, ending bus runs at 10:30 pm. They say it's simply not feasible considering the few number of riders who utilize the late-night system.

But the latest proposal has upset riders who say they depend on the late bus to make it to second and third shift jobs. Taxi fare, they say, isn't feasible. A petition is circulating with signatures of people who say they need the late bus.

A second and final round of public meetings to has out the issue will be held today. The first begins at 5 p.m. At the Central Library in downtown Greensboro. The second starts at 5:30 p.m. at the bus depot on E. Washington Street.

On July 24th, a public hearing on the issue will take place in the GTA administrative offices on Meadowview Rd.

If the reduction is approved, it will be second scale-back for GTA in recent years. Last year, they cut two evening Career Express routes in the Irving Park-Starmount and airport areas, both due to poor ridership.