House Call: Minimally invasive options for back surgery

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Unfortunately, back problems are common, with about 80 percent of adults estimated to experience a back injury in their lifetime. 

Many times, these injuries and problems are severe enough to require surgery. In the past, back surgery usually meant at least a week-long stay in the hospital and extensive recovery periods, but advanced technology and training has evolved these operations significantly. 

Back surgeries for common back injuries and issues, such as ruptured disks in the lower back and neck and spinal stenosis, are being performed with smaller incisions and less damage to the normal and surrounding tissue.

Back surgery is never fun, but  patients can take comfort in knowing the new procedures do not require lengthy hospital stays, have less risk of complications, and quicker recovery periods. Most patients are able to return to work and normal activities within a week of surgery. 

The exceptional team of neurosurgeons and healthcare providers at The Cone Health Neuroscience Center provide an intensive, comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to the care of individuals who have undergone neurosurgery or have suffered a back injury or other neurological injury.

Spokesperson Background:

Dr. Henry “Andy” Pool is a neurosurgeon at Carolina Neurosurgery and a member of the Cone Health Medical Staff. Dr. Pool is a 1991 medical school graduate of University of Missouri. He completed his residency in neurological surgery at Medical University of South Carolina.