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Wake Forest monkey captured thanks to girl and her dog

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- After 11 days, the Wake Forest Monkey is back in captivity thanks to a 14-year-old girl and her dog. 

"We were sitting inside and I heard [my dog] barking and thought would that be cool if that was the monkey," said Cassidy Garwood who went outside her home on Frye Bridge Road to find the monkey above her dog in a tree. 

"It was climbing all through those limbs and it was really cool," she said.

The 16-year-old macaque monkey escaped from the Wake Forest University Primate Center on June 29th.  The monkey was spotted near Frye Bridge Road on Monday. A FOX8 viewer sent in the first photos of the missing primate.

"It’s not every day you walk outside and see a monkey swinging from the trees," said Cameron Shoemaker, Cassidy's father who called animal control.

Around 4 p.m. Tuesday, after several hours of monitoring the female macaque monkey, a Lexington police officer shot the animal with a tranquilizer.

"She's been raiding people’s gardens along the way," said Dr. Richard Young, director of animal resources and head veterinarian for Wake Forest. 

Young said the monkey appeared to be very healthy but will be quarantined for about six weeks as a precaution. 

"We are worried about people and animals that may have come in contact with her that's our concern before we get her back in the colony. 

So after the quarantine, if everything goes well, she will go back with her cage mates where hundreds of monkeys live and are used for medical research and testing.  

Wake Forest University officials say the last monkey to escape happened several decades ago. The monkey was also found and returned to the center.