Dry conditions damage crops in Alamance County

LIBERTY, N.C. – Warm temperatures and dry conditions across the state threatens are threaten local farmers' crops.

Every year Doug Clapp looks forward to growing a new crop of soybeans, wheat and corn. Farming has been a tradition in his family since he can remember. But this year farming isn't going so good. The weather is taking a toll on his crops.

"They're dying and drying up," Clapp said.

The North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Council said Liberty in Alamance County is under a moderate dry drought advisory. North Carolina is experiencing extreme heat and dry conditions.

Clapp planted his crops in May and since it's been a mixed-bag of results.

"I would be lucky if I make a fourth of a crop. I'm going to lose probably three-fourths," Clapp said.

The Alamance County Agricultural Office said that this is the third-year the area has experienced these conditions.

Roger Cobb with the AG Office believes things probably won't change anytime soon.

"You just feel sorry for [farmers], because they are putting out a lot of effort, sleepless nights, and a lot of money. They're just trying to make it," Cobb said.

Doug who has crop insurance which will cover half of his losses.

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