Thieves break air conditioner at summer camp

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- An indoor summer camp is the perfect place for children to stay cool, but after thieves destroyed the centers air conditioning unit, camp staff work hard to keep children cool.

Last week, thieves stole copper out of one of the commercial-grade air conditioning units at the Warnersville Recreation Center the site of an area summer camp.

Because repairmen were unable to save the old air conditioner, the city of Greensboro had to put in an emergency order to buy a new one.

"I’d want to just bring them into the center and show them the programming they do for their community and show them the faces that this impacts," said Wade Walcutt, Greensboro's Division Manager for Community Recreation Services.

"It was with a single purpose in mind to come in here, get what they need and leave without any care, or concern to anybody else," said Walcutt.

Walcutt said the staff has been working hard to keep the 60-70 children who come to the camp cool. They've scheduled last minute trips to the library and movie theater. They also take smaller groups of children into other parts of the center that still have air conditioning.

Washington misses the ability to play dodgeball in the gym.

"I was like, why would anyone want to steal the A/C unit, like why would you want that? Out of a camp first of all, with kids in it? It’s kind of disturbing," she said.

Walcutt hopes the community will be on the lookout so this type of theft doesn't happen at the center again.

The new air conditioning unit is expected to be delivered on Friday.