High school student wins teacher-sex bet

Julie Warning

Julie Warning

NEW YORK — A high school student in New York won a $500 bet between five friends to see who could hook up with a teacher first.

The New York Post plastered an image of the winning student and his 26-year-old teacher kissing across their front page Thursday.

Eric Arty reportedly won $500 by winning over Julie Warning. Warning was his history teacher – at least until rumors started surfacing.

Other students told the Post that Warning originally resisted their attempts at flirting, throwing them out of class when they tried hitting on her.

But since the beginning of the school year, Arty apparently won her over. He is now saying the woman in the picture is not his teacher.

Warning has been removed from the classroom and given a desk job. She has not shown up for work and is not commenting on the incident.

Read more: The New York Post.

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