Wildlife officers increase patrols on High Rock Lake

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- As Memorial Day Weekend revs up, NC Wildlife Officers are stepping up patrols.

On High Rock Lake, Sgt. Anthony Sharum looks for two things.  He's checking for boater safety and scouting out impaired boat drivers.

Sharum usually sees quite a few impaired boat drivers on Memorial Weekend and makes several arrests.

"Alcohol may be one part of the factor, but a lot of times it's prescription (medications) that you're not supposed to mix with alcohol that these people are using and it magnifies the effects of alcohol," said Sharum.

Sun, waves and wind can also magnify the effects of alcohol and there are sure to be plenty of party goers out on the water -- one reason why some boaters came out Friday.

"There's hundreds of boats and jet skis and everything and they're out here to have fun and they're not looking out for everyone -- so it gets pretty crazy out here at times," said boater, Scott Smith.

Wildlife officers also want boaters to be aware of the debris that floated into High Rock Lake from the Yadkin River after all the storms. 

Officers are concerned boaters, especially at night, may not see the logs and other floating debris. Boaters could hit the debris, damage their engine and injure those on board.

"Memorial day weekend is the start of the summer season for most people and we would like to start it off safely and everyone have a good time," said Sharum.

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