Media, photographers wait for Edwards trial verdict outside courthouse

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Until jurors ultimately decide John Edwards’s fate, the federal trial has turned into a game of "wait and see" for local, state and national news agencies.

“Now that the jury is deliberating we have no idea how long it could take, it could take 30 minutes, or it could take 3 days or longer,” said Stewart Pittman, Photojournalist, Fox 8 News. “We have to figure out how to tell you what's going on, even when there's not a lot going on."

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Network, local and regional crews can only hunker down and keep an eye on the courthouse door.

“No one knows what's going on in the jury room," said Jonathon Serrie, Fox News Correspondent.  "We in the media are trying to analyze what's going on."

While correspondents analyze what's going on inside the courthouse, photographers and technicians check their equipment on the outside -- knowing at any moment they might have to pounce.

“There's not a lot of creativity to be had so you just stand back and shoot," said Jerry Broom, Associated Press Photographer. "Still you wanna get something meaningful. It's kinda history in the making."