Second grader accused of wearing “sexy” gym outfit

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HARBOR TOWNSHIP, New Jersey — A New Jersey dad is upset over a remark a substitute teacher made to his daughter. The teacher is accused of telling the seven-year-old her gym clothes were too sexy.

The seven-year-old felt uncomfortable about what the teacher said and told another teacher. Now, 40-year-old Marco Inskip has been suspended until the school board’s next meeting.

Some parents said they can’t believe that an adult would say something like that to a second grader.

“You just don’t talk like that to children,” said parent Debbie Maser. “You don’t use those kind of words in reference to them.”

One parent said it would’ve been better for the teacher to talk to the parent instead of the student.

“The parents are the ones that buy the clothes, so they have to talk to the parent, you can’t say that to the child,” said Shannon Jackson.

Henry Wilson, the child’s father, filed a police report and says he doesn’t think he’s being too sensitive about the situation.

This article was written by Christie Walton and originally published by FOX 4 Kansas City.