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Michele Obama helps Piedmont kids plant White House garden

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WASHINGTON -- First Lady Michele Obama helped five Piedmont students and dozens of others from across the nation plant all types of vegetables at a spring planting on Monday.

The five Piedmont students were from Sumner Elementary School in Greensboro. A total of 35 students helped plant the White House Kitchen Garden.

FOX8's Cindy Farmer was one of only a few reporters nationwide chosen to make the trip and interview Michele about the garden, which was first planted in 2009. You can see more from Cindy's trip here.

Cindy interviewed Michele about the garden and what it means for the kids.

"We hear from parents all the time who say, 'My kids don't like vegetables. They won't eat it. I tried it.' But if they have a hand in it--if they've seen it start from a seed and grow into something they can recognize--they'll try it and find that fresh grown food actually tastes better."

Michele's advice about FOX8's new garden for Share the Harvest: "Get everybody involved."