UNC fan sells Lehigh shirts at NCAA Tournament

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- One man has turned Duke’s loss into a profit by selling Lehigh T-shirts in the Coliseum’s parking lot Sunday night.

Ashville resident Robert McCarson brought about 100 Lehigh T-shirts in UNC colors to the North Carolina/Creighton game for a $15 each.

McCarson said he thought this would be a great way to celebrate Carolina’s victory and stick it to the “Dukies.”

"I’m a huge Tar Heel fan and I hate duke,” he said.

Lehigh – the number 15 seed knocked out number 2 Duke Friday night in Greensboro.

McCarson said he may be one of the few Carolina fans who actually knows where the Pennsylvania school is.

McCarson said he sold a surprising number of shirts to real Lehigh fans, who say they do not mind being UNC fans’ new favorite team.


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