18 arrested in Stokes Co. drug sting

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STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — Deputies arrested 18 people across Stokes County Thursday morning on various drug charges as part of “Operation Cupid.”

The Stokes News reported that the Stokes County Sheriff’s Office divided into two teams — an arrest team and a search team — and started the operation around 4:30 a.m.

Search warrants were used and the suspects were arrested for crimes including selling and maintaining a drug dwelling.

Bonds ranged from $250 to more than $51,000. The suspects all have March 21 court dates.

The suspects are listed below:

• Samuel Lee Patterson, 23, of King

• Donovan Tremayne Hairston, 26, of Walnut Cove

• Donald Richard Hairston, 54, of Walnut Cove

• Camilla Dane Hairston, 54, of Walnut Cove

• Kenneth Matthew Morton, 29, of Sandy Ridge

• Justin Gray Hall, 25, of Sandy Ridge

• Lisa Dewar Flinchum, 48, of Walnut Cove

• John Wesley Flinchum Jr., 47, of Walnut Cove

• Travis Shane Flinchum, 18, of Walnut Cove

• John Wesley Flinchum III, 24, of Walnut Cove

• Carie Ann Morton, 22, of Germanton

• Bettina Sparks Williams, 36, of Reidsville

• Bud Junior Hill, 27, of Walnut Cove

• Jordan Suzanne Prevette, 22, of Walnut Cove

• Joshua Brian Martin, 28, of Walnut Cove

• Kevin Shane Stevens, 26, of Walnut Cove

• Alisha Renee Jones, 27, of Lawsonville

• Courtney Nicole Flinchum, 27, of Walnut Cove

For more details, visit The Stokes News.