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Cone Health Cancer Center Unveils $15 Million Expansion

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Cone Health Cancer Center has unveiled a $15 million expansion that doubled the size of its facilities and equipped them with better technology.

The expansion, which drew $5 million in funding from public donations, includes more exam rooms and a new, central location for treatment, counseling and financial services.

“When you’re first diagnosed you’re in shock,” said Meg Sternberg, a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed 24 years ago.  “At that time I had to go all over town and I didn’t know where you go to get a bone scan or where to go to the next thing and this and that,” she said.

The TrueBeam STX — a $4 million piece of technology — is another part of the expansion.  The device is designed to speed up the treatment process of any type of cancer.  Cone Health now facilitates the only device of its type in North Carolina.

“Patients used to have to lay in the hospital with this device in for three days — with this particular machine we are able to treat it in 3 minutes,” a Cone Health medical technician said.

Cone Health has recently been providing treatment to about 3,000 new patients each year.  Skip Hislop with Cone Health Oncology Services said he expects that number to keep growing with the expanded center.

“I’m thinking we can probably go 3,500 to 4,000 patients a year and we can handle that volume and we can give them the care they need and we don’t have to worry about not having the space or services now.  We can do anything,” Hislop said.

Another part of the expansion includes a facility designed specifically for breast cancer patients, who are the most common at the cancer center.  Sternberg said she’s thankful future breast cancer patients will have a specific place to go.