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Rescued horse put down, animal control investigating stable

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PINNACLE, N.C. — One of two horses a High Point woman rescued from a Pinnacle stable Wednesday had to be put down Thursday afternoon.

Genny Wiltsey from Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement said they were unable to save the horse like she had hoped.

The other horse, Sonny, has a better chance to recover, but he has at least eight months of recovery ahead, Wiltsey said.

“Wherever it’s possible for bones to be sticking out, he’s got it,” Wiltsey said.

However, Sonny was in much worse shape Wednesday when Wiltsey found him at the Triple E Stable.

“We found no food, no water, no hay and feces up to their knees. Even a person that’s not horse savvy, if you will, could see there’s something wrong here,” Wiltsey said.

Stokes County Animal Control is now investigating the stable, owned by Lindsey Essic. Essic said he trains the horses and gives them shelter, but it’s up to the horse’s owner to come feed them.

He noticed a few weeks ago that Sonny wasn’t being fed, so he started taking care of the horse.

“No horse out here starved. I got feed and hay out here all the time. They get fed out here twice a day. Absolutely not a starved horse. Every horse on my property is free access to water, hay, and free pastures,” Essic said.

Wiltsey said Essic brought the horse to her yesterday.

“They’re pretty much all taken care of, but there were two cases. But I thought I did the right thing notifying them and taking another one with them,” Essic said.

Animal control officials did not say if any charges will be filed, saying they’re still investigating.